Your coach will deliver a 100% tailored coaching schedule designed around your current commitments and goals.

An Annual / Race program will be planned so as to have you race ready in time for your events.


Your schedule will be bespoke and tailored in such a way to maximise your potential.

Each session will have targeted and specific outcomes based on your current fitness and desired goals.

Speed, Tempo and Endurance specific depending on your discipline.

Contact with your coach will be on-going and reviews will be performed as per your package. Take advantage of your coaches experience.

Regular fitness and benchmark testing will be scheduled to monitor progress.

The plans can be uploaded to Training Peaks or shared via DropBox…Whichever is preferred.

Bike fitting is available and depending on your package can attract up to a 20% discount.

Sponsors (Garmin, Fly6, more to come) can attract up to 20% discounts.


What we expect from our Athletes.


Your program takes time and effort to plan and prepare. We want to attract athletes who are determined, driven and committed. If it’s be a PB, Placing in a race, or a World Championship slot…it doesn’t matter. As long as you are keen and want to better yourself in our sport. This is what we are looking for. This attitude along with an active coach will produce amazing results.


Choose your package now.