A Full Retul Dynamic 3D Bike Fit for a special discounted price of $225. (Usual price is $330)

After several years bike fitting in the UK and since a relocation to Perth last year, I have been busy setting up a Retul Bike Fit Lab in Willetton. I offer riders of all disciplines (Roadies, Triathletes, Mountain Bikers) a full fit service.

Your Bike Fit will address:

  • Knee, Back & Shoulder complaints (or any discomfort while riding)
  • Flexibility and Postural issues
  • Power / Watt / Speed Performance increases
  • TT or Triathlon specific positions
  • Overall ride comfort

A Professional Fit will solve any of the above and put you in a much happier place when out on your bike.

The tool I use is the well known Retul Dynamic 3D Fitting System. We can all recognise that a proper bike fit is essential for performance, comfort and injury prevention.  Using this advanced system, i can collect accurate and realistic data from eight key anatomical points in your riding position.  This then enables me to profile existing (before) and ideal (after) angles for your custom needs.

This offer is only open to SPR members so please contact me via email or phone for a booking.