ITU Bike Rules


Bicycles must have the following characteristics:

a) No more that two (2) meters long, and fifty (50) centimeters wide for elite and juniors, in Triathlon World Cup, Olympic Games, ITU Regional Championships, ITU International Events, Duathlon World Cup Series, Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships. For all other competition, two (2) meters long and seventy-five (75) centimeters wide will be permitted.

b) Measure at least 24 centimeters from the ground to the center of the chain wheel axle.

c) A vertical line touching the front-most point of the saddle will be no more than 5 centimeters in front of and no more than 15 centimeters behind a vertical line passing through the center of the chain wheel axle, and a competitor must not have the capability of adjusting the saddle beyond these lines during competition.

d) Measure no less than 54 centimeters and no more than 65 centimeters between a vertical line passing through the center of the chain wheel axle and a vertical line through the center of the front wheel axle. (Exceptions may be given for the bicycles of very tall or very short competitors.

e) Farings[sic] which reduce air resistance are prohibited.

f) The front wheel may be a different diameter than the rear wheel, but must be of spoke construction. Covers are allowed on the rear wheel. These provisions may be changed by the TD in the interest of safety, (i.e., high winds).

g) No wheel may contain mechanisms which are capable of accelerating it.

h) Handlebar ends must be plugged, tires well glued, headsets tight and wheels true.

i) There must be a brake on each wheel.

j) Non-traditional or unusual bicycles or equipment shall be illegal unless prior approval has been received from the Chief Race Official prior to the start of the competition.

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For elite and junior competitors in Triathlon World Cups, Olympic Games, ITU Regional Championships, ITU International Events, the following rule on handlebars apply: (Note: This rule will not apply to age group competitions or long distance events).

a) Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted

b) Clip-ons will be permitted provided they do not extend more than 15 cm beyond the front wheel axle, and they are not longer than the brake levers’ foremost line.

c) Straight forward clip-ons must be bridged, and must not carry forward facing brake levers

d) No forward facing bar or gear shifters are allowed on the end of the clip-ons. The only exception will be grip shifters.

e) Elbow pads are permitted.

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